Remote Battery Condition Monitoring is a breakthrough in the management of remote battery-based power systems. Based on 10 years of field experience, with over 300,000 batteries in over 75,000 sites, this system offers the combined advantages of performance prediction, easy installation and low cost. 

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are prone to a phenomenon called Thermal Runaway. If a battery is subjected to stresses that causes it to become abnormally warm, its charge current can rise dramatically. This triggers a regenerative electrochemical process that causes the battery to heat even more. 

This technology continually monitors the float charging current, ambient and battery temperatures. If any battery temperature rises above the ambient temperature and exceeds the user defined thresholds, an alrm condition is generated, SNMP traps are sent and a contact closure on the control unit is activated. If any of the string's float charge current exceeds user defined thresholds, an alarm is also signalled in a simlar manner.

Remote Battery Condition Monitoring


  • Monitors float charge current for each of up to six trings
  • Monitors up to 48 temperature points
  • Generates alarms on any current measurement and any temperature measurement
  • Uses intelligent algorithms to detect critical temperature problems, thermal runaway and battery aging
  • Is non-intrusive - there are no electrical connections to the battery plant
  • Uses SNMP management interface
  • Programmable alarm contact outputs
  • Completely web-based
  • Email alarm signaling, internal data logging, Telnet remote configuration and more...