Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections are about establishing electronic communications with our business partners for a win-win relationship. Both partners benefit through improved accuracy, reduced administration costs, and elimination of manual errors that contribute to high transaction costs.

Additional benefits to using EDI include:

  • Elimination of paper, (i.e., orders, invoices, shipping schedule, etc.)
  • Elimination of double data entry, (i.e., invoices can be received directly into an accounts payable system without unnecessary keying of information and the potential for mistakes.)
  • Gain efficiency - no more mail delays, lost paper invoices, etc.
  • Improve communications - reduce misunderstandings when orders are placed on the phone, (i.e. errors in writing down instructions, rereading instructions, and listening)
  • EDI results in benefits for both trading partners. By avoiding costly paper-handling procedures, improving accuracy, shortening cycle time, and enhancing business communications and business processes, EDI is one of the vehicles EMD uses to make it easier and more profitable for customers to do business with us.

EMD is EDI-enabled for a wide range of transactions including: purchase order, purchase order confirmation, invoice, release, and advance ship notice.

EDI Provider: Suppliers are free to choose any EDI provider they feel will fit their needs for doing business with us. We do not recommend any provider. Costs for EDI services vary per provider and may be negotiated between the supplier and EDI provider.

VAN: A Value-Added-Network is an independent company offering services for electronic transmissions of transactions. Costs vary per VAN and may be negotiated between the supplier and the Value-Added-Network.

For more EDI information, contact edi@emdiesels.com.


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