New & Reconditioned Freight Cars

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Product Overview


Our integrated business model has been built on our thorough recycling operations. As a leader in freight car recycling, we provide a steady supply of reconditioned freight car components, including wheel sets, side frames, bolsters, couplers, yokes and more. If you require reliable material that meets or exceeds the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) standards without volatile surcharges on new material, contact us.

If you are in the market for a used freight car, Progress Rail has an extensive inventory, with a network of car repair facilities that will convert a car for the application you need.

Progress Rail is one of the largest global suppliers of new and reconditioned freight car components for Class I railroads, shortlines, freight car manufacturers and private freight car owners. Our available freight car components include, but are not limited to: freight car wheels, axles, bearings, bolsters, side frames, couplers, yokes, brake beams, draft gears and single car test devices.

Our strategically integrated component reconditioning facilities are AAR and ISO certified. We also have the option for new materials, ensuring that regardless of selection, our customers have the ability to reduce annual maintenance costs associated with their operations.


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