Locomotive Remanufacturing

Locomotive Remanufacturing

We are proud of our world-class locomotive and engine remanufacturing facility in Mayfield, KY. This facility is equipped to provide complete EMD engine remanufacturing services for our customers.

This 255,000 square foot facility is our full service locomotive facility for the region. Rail access via the Paducah and Louisville's Mayfield branch line provides excellent routing from nearly any location. The site's size at 145 acres provides locomotive storage capacity and expansion for future growth.

Our engine line performs the necessary steps to meet the most stringent customer expectations. Main bore alignment is measured using state-of-the-art and certified laser measurement devices. Full crankcase weld repair and machining is performed in house, returning even the most worn crankcase back to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Our highly qualified and experienced engine technicians are trained to assemble your engine to exacting OEM specifications and tolerances to ensure reliability and durability. We are proud to offer rebuilds of EMD 567, 645 and 710 engines.

Our quality management system ensures we produce quality products that are defect-free to maximize reliability and availability. (AAR-M 1003 Certified).