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  • Highly reliable 16-cylinder 710 engine

>EU IIIA Emissions Compliant

>Tuned for maximum fuel efficiency

  • EM2000™ - Microprocessor and control system
  • Durable AC traction
  • 184-day maintenance interval
  • Optional high-adhesion package
  • Available with fuel management technologies including Smart Consist™
  • Optional IntelliTrain ® remote monitoring and diagnostic services



Natural Gas Locomotives

Progress Rail is making substantial investments in natural gas technologies to further reduce fuel costs for the SD70ACe locomotive, while maintaning leading performance and saftey.


Technical Details

Traction Horsepower     4300THP

Maximum Speed    70 MPH

Number of Axles/Powered    6/6

Continuous Tractive Effort    155,000 lbs

Starting Tractive Effort    189,000 - 200,000 lbs

Dynamic Braking Effort     105,000 lbs

Weight     420,000 - 432,000 lbs

Length    74’ 3”

Height     16’ 1”

Fuel Capacity     4,900 gallon