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The EMD SD80ACe features the reliable 710 Series engine - 20 cylinder, two stroke, turbocharged

> Equipped with EPA Tier 1 Emissions hardware

> Operates on B20 (concentrations up to 20% B1CO biofuel)

> Tuned for maximum fuel efficiency

  • The EMD SD80ACe operates in extreme weather and warm climates up to 50o C

> Tropical roof on cabin to minimize

> Engine cooling system supports site conditions

> Inverter driven accessoriesfor fuel economy

  • The EMD SD80ACe provides advanced diagnostics and predictive health capabilities
  • The EMD SD80ACe meets AAR Specification S-580 crashworthiness standards
  • The EMD SD80ACe sets standards with a 184-day maintenance interval
  • The EMD SD80ACe provides 2 for 3 unit replacement

Offer optional high adhesion package Offers optional IntellitrainTM remote monitorin and diagnostic services



EM2000™ Microprocessor Control System


  • Excitation and load control
  • Adhesion control
  • Engine control
  • Diagnostic system
  • Archived unit history data

Technical Details

Locomotive Traction System    AC Traction

Diesel Engine    20-710G3C-ES

Number of Axles    6

Locomotive Height     4,816 mm

Length Over Couplers    23,317 mm

Traction Horsepower    3952 kW

Maximum Speed    113 kph

Starting Tractive Effort     850 kN

Dynamic Braking Effort     467 kN

Fuel Capacity (useable)    18,549 Litres

Maintenance Interval     184 days

Nominal Weight     196 tonnes

Maximum Axle Load     32.7 tonnes

Track Gauge     1600 mm


Optional Model Configurations

Optional 8 Axle Configuration

Track gauges between 1000 mm - 1676 mm

Maximum Axle Loads between 25.0 - 27.5 tonnes