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  • Designed to meet TR/TS and GOST regulations,
  • including 9238-1T Clearance Profile
  • Highly reliable two-stroke, 16-cylinder 710 engine

>EU IIIA Emissions Compliant

>Tuned for maximum fuel efficiency

>Dynamic Gas Blending™ option available for up to 70% substitution of diesel with liquefied natural gas

  • Isolated Cab for reduced driver exposure to noise and vibration
  • High Adhesion, Radial Bogie Design
  • Traction system provides Individual Axle Control
  • Inverter Driven Accessories for improved fuel economy
  • EMD Functionally Integrated Railroad Electronics (FIRE™) man-machine interface
  • Optional IntelliTrain ® - remote monitoring and diagnostic services
  • Locomotive design provides extended maintenance intervals of 184-days
  • Operates in extreme weather conditions and climates down to -50°C


EM2000™ - Microprocessor Control System

  • Excitation and load control
  • Adhesion control
  • Engine control
  • Diagnostic system
  • Archived unit history data

Technical Details

Locomotive Traction System     AC Traction

Diesel Engine    16-710G3C-T2

Number of Axles     6

Locomotive Height     5,066 mm

Length over Couplers    22,708 mm

Engine Power    3,356 kW

Maximum Speed    120 kph

Starting Tractive Effort    660 kN

Dynamic Braking Effort     365 kN

Fuel Capacity     9,300 Litres

Maintenance Interval     184 days

Maximum Weight     150 +0/-3% mT

Maximum Axle Load     25 mT

Track Gauge     1,520 m