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World class fuel efficiency

10-year engine overhaul period

Conforms with EU Stage IIA Exaust Emisisons

High efficiency turbocharger

Cab quiet package

Electronic event recorder

Air conditioning (continental only)

Left-hand drive arrangement

Certified in 11 countries for cross-border operation


EM2000 ™- Microporcessor Control System

Excitation and load control

Adhesion control

Engine control

Diagnostic system

Archived unit history data


Technical Details

LocomotiveType     Standard Gauge 6-axle Diesel Electric / DC Traction

Height     3.9 m

Overall Length     20.1 m

Horsepower     3,245 hp / 2,420 kW

Maximum Speed     120 km/h

Continuous Tractive Effort     260 kN

Starting Tractive Effort     409 kN

Adhesion     20% Continuous / 32% Starting

Fuel Capacity     6,400 L

Cooling Water Capacity     227 L

Engine     12N-710G38-T2

Maintenance Interval     184 days

Nominal Weight     129.6 tonnes