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  • Highly reliable and fuel efficient EMD 710 engine with 12,000 operating worldwide
  • Cab design with EN12667 collision protection and ergonomic control consoles
  • Gen3 FIRE–Functionally Integrated Railroad Electronics–Compliant to AAR S590, AAR S591–display and environmental standards and industry standards
  • Inverter driven cooling fans and truck blowers for optimized performance
  • Microprocessor controlled air brakes
  • Pioneering high adhesion, bolsterless, fabricated three axle bogies
  • Operator amenities including air conditioning, heating and toilet
  • Optional IntelliTrain® - remote monitoring and diagnostic services
  • Optional distributed power system


EM2000™ - Microprocessor Control System

  • Excitation and load control
  • Adhesion control
  • Engine control
  • Diagnostic system
  • Archived unit history data

Technical Details

Locomotive Traction System    AC Traction

Diesel Engine     20-710

Main Traction / Companion Alternator    TA20 / CA9

Number of Axles    6

Traction Rating    4,101 kW

Maximum Speed    105 kph

Starting Tractive Effort    560 kN

Continuous Tractive Effort     405 kN

Fuel Capacity (usable)    8,000 liters

Maintenance Interval (minimum)    92 days

Maximum Weight    134 mT

Nominal Axle Load    22.3 mT

Track Gauge    1,676 mT

Traction Motor     A2921-6 AC

Designed for    India