Locomotive Interface Gateway

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Product Overview


Progress Rail's EMD Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG) is an innovative, integrated design solution that utilizes a state of the art Cat® A5:N2 controller. The secure OEM platform relies on various ports that interface with proprietary networks for EM2000, Functional Integrated Railroad Electronics (FIRE) and EMDEC®. These ports also enable the system to communicate with legacy equipment— including Positive Train Control (PTC), event recorders, end of train (EOT) devices, fuel monitors and more. LIG’s robust design off ers a common network architecture for all third party applications, no matter what vintage EMD® locomotive. Ruggedized for the rail environment, the solution’s 6 Modular Concept Unit (MCU) requires no forced air cooling and meets or exceeds industry EMI standards.

Interface Diagram





■ Collects data from Locomotive Control System (LCS) and other on-board systems for consumption, per industry standard

- Provides periodic data to any approved onboard systems (Class C)

- Provides interface for “command and control” functions (Class D)

- Provides “standardized” Positive Train Control (PTC) data set to PTC system


■ Interface with onboard communications system to provide railroad back office with real-time alerts and fault data


■ Physical attributes

- 6 MCU size

- 15 pounds

- Locomotive system integration shelf or wall bracket mount

Technical Details

  Gen 1 LIG Gen 2 LIG
Part Number 40200309 40255875
Processor Family NA Freescale iMX351 @ 533MHz
Operating System NA Linux
Memory NA Linux
Processor Family NA Flash 2 GB, RAM 256 MB
Serial Communications NA Yes
Ethernet 1 4
Serial RS232 (3 Wire) NA 2
Serial RS232 (5 Wire) NA 1
Serial RS485 (4 Wire) NA 1
USB (USB 2.0) 2 (USB 1.1) 1
Power 5VDC (3W, 7W max) 15VDC (6W, 30W max)
LSI Compliant No 6 MCU
Weight 1.1 Lbs. 15 Lbs.
Status Indicators No Power - Green, Status - Green, Failure - Red
S9401 Compliant No Yes
BS EN 50121-3-2:2006 No Yes
CISPR 11:2010 Edition 5.1 No Yes