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EM2000 Control System Retrofit Improves Performance and Reliability of Older Locomotives


The EMD EM2000TM Control System is the only microprocessor-based system in continuous use for over 16 years. That history has been supported by a continuous program of product development and enhancement. The EMD EM 2000 is installed in 7000 locomotives in service worldwide. The EM2000 control System Retrofit is a cost effective solution for upgrading older locomotives to the same full-featured microprocessor technology available in current model locomotives. In addition to managing all critical locomotives operating functions, the EM2000 system:

  • Increases locomotive residual value
  • Improves locomotive availability
  • Improves tractive effort
  • Lowers life cycle costs



EM2000 Control System Retro Benefits


Improved Adhesion

  • Radar-based wheel slip control increases adhesion performance 33% over older WS10 control systems.
  • Employs the same adhesion control logic as current EMD 70-Series locomotives.
  • Radar system provides true ground speed sensor.
  • Creep control improves both high and low speed adhesion.


Interactive, User-Friendly Display Interface

  • Diagnostic fault data is displayed as clear and concise values rather than numeric codes.
  • Ability to store up to 600 fault messages.
  • Reveals engine performance issues.
  • Self-test routines reduce troubleshooting time.
  • Data collected before and during fault provides snapshot of operating condition.
  • Virtually eliminates NDF trouble reports.


Integrated Automatic Engine Start Stop (AESS™)

  • Average savings of 16 gallons of fuel per day per locomotive.
  • Reduces idle time and emissions. Parts Standardization
  • Commonality of parts with other EM2000-equipped locomotives in the fleet.
  • Reduces inventory maintenance, and operating cost.
  • Service personnel are familiar with the technology. Complete Traction Motor Management
  • Utilizes the full available TE curve within specified temperature criteria.
  • Continuously stimulates traction motor temperature.
  • Reduces operating times at higher temperatures to extend traction motor life.
  • When temperature criteria is exceeded locomotive is limited to continuous current levels.


EM2000 Control System Retrofit Software Options


  • Ground relay lockout reset switch
  • EMD automatic horn sequencer
  • Hot engine lead unit nullification
  • Immersion heater protection
  • Local alarm bell silencer
  • Microprocessor-controlled cooling fan shutters
  • Integrated traction motor cutout
  • Cooling system automatic drain
  • Engine purge control
  • Inertial filter blower alarm
  • Low engine water detection
  • Low water temperature speedup
  • Lube oil filter by-pass detection
  • Starter motor protection
  • Auto Engine Start Stop (AESS™)
  • Extended range dynamic brake
  • Self-load test
  • Serial link to event recorder
  • Voltage compensation based on battery temperature
  • Air compressor synchronization
  • Air compressor low oil protection
  • Microprocessor-controlled main reservoir drain heater
  • Low main reservoir air pressure speed up
  • Main reservoir blow down timer
  • Lead truck sand detection
  • Emergency sand cut out at 0 mph
  • Aux Gen “circuit breaker open” alarm
  • Unpowered locked wheel detection
  • Slow speed control
  • Winter isolation switch