Freight/Tank Car Repair

Freight & Tank Car Repair

When it comes to railcar repair, we get you rolling and keep you moving by providing routine maintenance and inspection to complete rebuilding, painting and inspection services. All of our facilities are ISO certified, which sets us apart from the competition and provides our customers confidence our services are the best available in the industry.

With facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. and in Canada and Mexico, we offer unmatched service and convenience. Our shops provide top-notch repair services, ranging from program, wreck and routine repairs to rebodies.

Our variety of facilities include repair shops serving the Powder River Basin coal routes, car shops, locomotive shops, wheel and axle shops, and a tank car facility in Amarillo, Texas. We pride ourselves on providing fast, dependable service, and we do so without sacrificing safety or environmental concerns. Our shops were recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Environmental Protection Agency. Mobile repair crews are also available around the country.

We specialize in large volume program work, complete refurbishment and major rebuilds and warranty repairs. With our vast array of in-stock wheel sets and key reconditioned component parts, we are able to provide the turnaround time needed to fit your schedule. All of our shops are approved by the AAR and perform quality work that meets or exceeds industry standards, ensuring your car maintenance and repairs are done right.

For more information, please call 800-476-8769 to speak with one of our railcar repair professionals