South Queensferry, UK - Scotland

South Queensferry, UK - Scotland

The Progress Rail United Kingdom manufacturing site in South Queensferry is one of the most modern steel foundries in the U.K. With a history of high integrity steel casting manufacture for over a hundred years for products including multistage pumps, valves, power generation and general engineering castings, this facility has the capacity to produce castings up to five tonnes in weight in a variety of steels from austenitic manganese to Argon Oxygen Decarburisation (AOD) refined stainless steel.

In 2011, Progress Rail Services acquired the U.K.-based manufacturing business that previously traded as North British Steel Group and Edgar Allen Ltd., expanding our global product range. Progress Rail is investing in manufacturing operations and transferring knowledge to the U.K. business to improve customer focus, efficiency and lead-time.

Production Capabilities


  • Use of Magmasoft solidification and mould filling simulation software ensures castings of the highest quality are produced and speed up the process of introducing new products


  • In-house pattern making and design helps to reduce lead-times and respond rapidly when customers require an urgent or bespoke casting


  • A "state of the art" loop system installed in 2011 can produce castings of up to 8.2m in length and 1.3m wide
  • This modern system incorporates a sand reclamation system that enables us to recycle up to 98 percent of materials
  • Traditional "loose moulding" can produce castings up to 11m long by 1.5m wide


  • Primary steelmaking is carried out in two electric arc furnaces (4.5 and 5.5 tonnes)
  • Secondary stage through AOD vessel for the production of low carbon "L" grade stainless steels and low alloy high strength steels

Heat Treatment

  • Onsite solution treatment with the ability to heat treat castings up to 11m in length
  • Capacity to treat up to 15 tonnes of castings in one cycle


  • CNC milling and planning, horizontal borers, programmed in-house to reduce lead-time
  • Press facilities are available in-house


  • Magnetic particle, dye penetrant and ultrasonic inspection
  • Onsite radiography using a 6MeV Betatron unit capable of shooting through 300mm of steel


  • Supply of Explosively Depth Hardened austenitic manganese steel to both European and U.S. specification requirements to reduce work hardening time, reducing product maintenance and increasing product life


  • In-house capability to manufacture dissimilar flash butt weld rail sections in both conventional flat bottomed and grooved rail running rails


Cast manganese crossings

  • Non-hardened and EDH, standard and bespoke Austenitic Manganese steel ‘special’ crossings for the U.K. and numerous rail authorities around the world
  • Specialist heavy haul, tram and light rails manganese crossings and switch assemblies to:  U.K., France, United States of America, South America, Australia, Hong Kong

Low alloy high strength fully finished track/crawler shoes for enhanced life and the ability to work at sub-zero temperatures (tested at -40°C), up to 3000kg finished weight

Austenitic Manganese track shoes with the option of EDH to raise supplied hardness and reduce plastic deformation in service, up to 3000kg

High security Bollards, PAS 68 compliant

Specially alloyed Austenitic Manganese steels for various applications

Cable bands

Tunnel wall segments


  • ISO18001, ISO14001 & ISO9001
  • CMX compliant to following specifications:
  • U.K. crossings are made to NR/SP/TRK/012
  • European crossings are made to BS EN 1568
  • USA crossings are made to American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) specification.

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