We are one of the leading suppliers for hot box detection systems in Europe, with more than 1,600 installed systems worldwide. The two locations of Progress Rail Inspection & Information Systems in Italy and Germany are specialized in designing and manufacturing hot box detection systems.

Our hot box detection system FUES EPOS is based on the forerunner models FUES 1 and FUES 2. The main difference is the modular construction with much more flexibility and less installation and maintenance work. The new FUES EPOS can also be used for slab track. A special FUES EPOS is designed for the desert, with extra sunshields and sand protectors.

In addition to hot box detection systems, Progress Rail Inspection and Information Systems offers level crossing inspection and software solutions, such as Remote Announcement Display, high-wide-load detectors, derailment detectors and dragging equipment detectors.

Progress Rail Inspection and Information Systems in Pistoia, Italy, includes engineering and production. Our site in Mannheim Germany, includes our engineering and operations teams.