Progress Rail was established in Brazil and South America in June 2008, acquiring the total shareholding control of MGE Transportation, one of the larger suppliers of railroad services in Brazil. Since its foundation in 1991, MGE Transportation has strengthened its position in the Brazilian market as the main supplier of components and services for locomotives and passenger trains.

We create solutions to keep our customers' equipment well maintained and to protect the integrity of carried loads. Our vision is to provide the best solutions in services, components and equipment of the railroad market, assuring trustworthiness and availability of the equipment to customers.

Solutions in Products and Services

After many years of service, we have seen many changes in locomotives and passenger trains, and we are now one of the most trusted supply companies in the Brazilian and South American market. Our trained and capable team can perform the work necessary to keep rolling stock operating continuously. 





  • Inspection
  • Revision
  • Modifications
  • Repower
  • Modernization
  • Diesel engines services and overhaul
  • Regauge
  • Upgrades
  • Preventive, predictive and corretive maintenance
  • Wreck repair
  • Sales, Leasing and Purchase


  • Reforms
  • Preventive maintenance, Corrective and Predictive
  • Inspection
  • Revision
  • Repower
  • Modernization
  • Test


Locomotives and Transit

        New Traction Motors

  • Interchangeable GE 761, A19, A22 and ANR, GE 764
  • Interchangeable EMD D29, D31, D36, D77 and D87
  • Interchangeable GE 752 AH, AF and E8
  • Interchangeable AC GEB13
  • EMD AC A2909
  • EMD AC A3432
  • Used Traction Motors and Generators

  • Components
  • Overhaul
  • All gauges - narrow, wide, standard, etc.

In Brazil, the Progress Rail Services Brazillian business units, Zeit and MGE Transportes, work in conjunction. MGE Transportes is a market leader in domestic manufacturing and maintenance of traction motors, generators (main and auxiliary), control equipment and auxiliary components for locomotives and passenger cars. In addition, MGE maintains, modernizes and rebuilds transit cars and locomotives.

MGE acquired Zeit in May 2010. The company is headquartered in Curitba (PR) and is in the business of manufacturing and supplying automation equipment, locomotives and related electronic components such as panels, displays, onboard computers and digital speedometers.

Since 2001, Zeit has specialized in the design and manufacture of embedded systems for locomotives. Zeit is a national leader in the automation market for the railway industry, manufacturing the main product, SAL - an automation system for locomotives and power converters for traction.

  • Diadema Plant - traction motors and generators
  • Hortolandia Plant - Locomotives and Transit services

Why we are leaders:

Flexibility: We focus on custom solutions, which allows us to meet customer requirements
Training: We keep our team trained and motivated and follow the main international regulations
Coverage: Brazil and South America 
Equipment: Use of tools, equipment and tests necessary so we can meet the requirements in the modifications of locomotives and passenger cars, as well as traction motors

We provide to services to the main Brazilian and South American railroads:

  • ALL
  • Caramuru
  • CFN
  • VLi/FCA
  • FCAB
  • FTC
  • Ferroeste
  • Ferroviaria Oriental
  • MRS

And to the main operators of transit passenger transportation:

  • CPTM Sao Paulo
  • CBTU
  • Metro de Brasilia
  • Metro de Sao Paulo
  • Supervia

Progress Rail Brazil grows with the objective to generate increased value and benefits to customers, offering the highest standards of quality and committment to customers, no matter where they are located.

Corporate Offices located in Sete Logoas, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Andreas Naf

Director of Sales & Marketing
Rua Padre Tarcísio Gonçalves, 3461
Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Phone: +55 31 3779-6725




Luiz Melo 

Business Development Manager Latin America
Rua Padre Tarcísio Gonçalves, 3461
Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais, Brasil