Electro-Motive Diesel and Locomotive Company (Pty) Ltd (EMDLC), headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, is working to provide technological advancements to reach new levels of availability, reliability and asset utilization across the African continent. At EMDLC, we are responsible for marketing advanced solutions in the rail industry. Our products, people and relationships enable us to lead the industry as we improve productivity and safety standards. We provide services and solutions to rail customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging existing resources in the region. 

EMD products have performed in nearly every imaginable condition - from the sands of the Sahara, to the heights of the Andes, to the demanding grades of the PowderRiver Basin. EMDLC offers services and solutions to rail customers in Africa, leveraging EMD, Progress Rail and the existing Caterpillar footprint and resources in the southern Africa region.

Products and services offered include new locomotives, rebuilds, refurbishments, parts and all types of locomotive maintenance. EMDLC locomotive products include various options, including new, like-new, modernization, re-engine and overhaul. Through Progress Rail, EMDLC also offers engineering and track services, which include both product and service offerings, i.e. new and used rails, turnouts, rail crossings, crossing signals, frogs and  various other track services.

We look forward to future opportunities for innovation in the region by listening to and supporting customers, pursuing continuous improvement, and building on a reputation for manufacturing excellence. Our successful track record of localization, supplier development and global knowledge positions us to deliver world-class railway and diesel engine solutions


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A Congolese delegation headed by Minister of State Rodolphe ADADA, responsible for Transport, Civil Aviation and the Merchant Navy in the Republic of Congo, visited the Progress Rail plant in Muncie, Ind., to inspect 10 EMD® GT38 AC locomotives ordered for Congo-Ocean Railways by the Delegation Générale des Grands Travaux (DGGT) before they were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to Pointe Noire in Congo and placed into service. Compagnie Internationale de Maintenance (CIM) is our representative for locomotive sales and authorized reseller of EMD® aftermarket parts in the Congo.