Uptime Connect

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Maintain data security through Uptime Connect while efficiently and effectively managing operations. Connect protects rolling data centers and on-board computers by safeguarding against potential unknowns, such as malicious hardware installation. Connect ensures the highest level of security for on-board and off-board networks.


Data accessibility and reliable communications are critical to capturing valuable insights. Uptime Connect uses multiple modems to constantly confer with Uptime Cloud and the railroad’s back-office communications. 


Not only does Uptime Connect ensure clear communications for the Uptime Suite, it also delivers transformative features for Uptime Analytics. Power Doctors can stream live data from assets for situational awareness, providing powerful prognostics. Video feeds, remote fault handling and other features help customers better maintain fleets. At current data levels, connected analytics equate to potential savings of roughly $150K per locomotive, with advanced analytics proving even more valuable.