Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems



Railroads and utilities can greatly benefi­t from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for inspection and survey purposes. Benefits of Using UAS for Infrastructure Inspection & Surveying include:

         ■  Significant Increase in Safety

                        ■           Substantial decrease in inspector threat exposure

                        ■           Considerable reduction in climber time spent on structures

         ■  Increase Data Quality

                        ■           HD quality "arms length" videos and images

                        ■           Specialized sensors tailored to specific customer needs

         ■  Increased Efficiency

                        ■           More structures inspected in less time

                        ■           Individual structure inspection time cut in 1/2

         ■  Cost Reduction

                        ■           Lower equipment costs

                        ■           Reduced climber time/expenses

                        ■           Personnel insurance costs

In addition to our rail customers, we are pleased to serve the following industries and others to help maintain complex structures:

            ■ Power Generation and Transmission

            ■ Wind and Solar Farms

            ■ Manufacturing Facilities

UAS adds significant customer value by substantially reducing inspection costs and ensuring safer working conditions while generating superior data. Progress Rail is currently inspecting power lines and boilers. We also have the capability to serve rail applications, including bridge, track and tunnel inspection.

Whatever your inspection needs, we have the advanced imaging technology to improve the quality of your decision making data and help you maintain your infrastructure in the safest and most economical manner possible.

To learn more about UAS and the inspection services we now provide, please contact our team member below:

Russ Metzler


* Our Unmanned Aerial Inspection Systems were formerly owned by Asymmetric Technologies, now a part of the Progress Rail family of companies.



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