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When it comes to energy management solutions that work seamlessly together, look no further than Progress Rail. We deliver the most comprehensive fuel savings suite of products available on the market today for locomotives, with the highest rate of return on investment. Available for all locomotive makes and models, we rely on New York Air Brake’s LEADER management system to tap into the train’s current state, including geography, operating constraints and goals. The system helps train operators to run in the most energy and fuel ef­ficient manner over a given route.

LEADER adjusts to train behavior, and offers:

  • Higher overall fuel savings of up to 10 percent
  • Emissions reduction up to 10 percent
  • Improved train handling to reduce risk of derailment
  • Optional PTC solution

Through our efforts with NYAB, Progress Rail has taken customer fuel savings one step further by integrating LEADER AutoControl®, a software solution that puts LEADER® in control of throttle and dynamic braking, directly interfacing with the EMD® EM2000 locomotive control system. This results in an additional 1 to 3 percent fuel ef­ficiency, improved time management and increased in-train force control.

On top of this, Progress Rail developed SmartConsist™ to provide an additional 1 to 3 percent fuel savings, for total reductions up to 12 percent. SmartConsist™ sets each locomotive to its individual, prime throttle position within the consist, to improve overall fuel economy and reduce emissions, while achieving required power and tractive effort.

Additionally, our Automatic Engine Start/Stop solution – or AESS™ – monitors critical operating parameters during locomotive idle operation, safely and effectively shutting down the engine once all factors are satisfied. EMD® AESS™ provides superior fuel and lube oil savings, reducing emissions and wayside noise, while ensuring the locomotive remains ready for use. EMD® AESS™ reduces unnecessary idle time by more than 50 percent and improves locomotive fuel ef­ficiency up to 29 gallons per day for switcher use and 18 gallons per day for line haul operation.

Smart consist

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