Trackwork & Fasteners

Trackwork & Fasteners

Progress Rail offers a full line of trackwork, components and fasteners for heavy haul and transit railways, and is a leading manufacturer of specialty trackwork in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

With state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located strategically around the globe, we produce the highest quality trackwork and fasteners, with 100-plus years of experience in the design and manufacture of cast manganese crossings.

Our products range from complete turnout panels to replacement parts, flash butt welded frogs, lift frogs, taper heel frogs, partial flange bearing frogs, moveable point frogs, OWLS crossings and clamptite adjustable braces. Our specialty products include fixed and sliding buffer stops, overhead line structures, stretcher bars and hollow steel sleepers. Additionally, we have a variety of rail, guard rails, asymmetric switch points and solid monoblock, tri-metallic welded rail leg crossings available to satisfy all requirements.

Progress Rail acquired Rail Product Solutions, formerly part of Amsted Rail, in 2016 to capture best-in-class, high performance fasteners for freight and transit rail customers. Our fastening solutions serve as fundamental components for rail infrastructure, playing a crucial role in enhancing reliability and minimizing track downtime. We support our customers by delivering innovative options, such as the ME Series or MACRO Armor for concrete ties. At the same time, we offer a broad range of traditional products, such as rail anchors, bonded direct fixation fasteners and e-clips.




Available Components include, but are not limited to the following:

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Clamptite Adjustable

Flash Butt Welded Frog

Full Flange Bearing Diamond

Lift Frog

Movable Point Frog

Partial Flange Bearing Frog

Taper Heel Frog

Vertical Derail

Ballast Mat



Available Components include, but are not limited to the following:

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Fastener Anchor


Loadmaster and LMTT


SL Series