Kershaw® SkyTrim 75HRT

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Kershaw® SkyTrim 75 G2 Hi-Rail

Progress Rail serves the vegetation management industry with reliable Kershaw equipment to tackle tough maintenance jobs, accessing sites quickly and easily. Suitable for a variety of applications, our machines can perform tree and brush clearing for utilities, landscaping contractors, golf courses and residential usage, right-of-way clearing and more.

The SkyTrim 75HRT is an over the road, rubber-tired prime mover vehicle with a rear bed-mounted special cab and an attached telescoping boom with saw-type cutter head designed to trim trees. The machine is equipped with hydraulically deployed rail wheels for operation on the railroad.


Technical Details


Frame: Welded construction platform. High-strength alloy steel superstructure.


Weight: Approximately 42,000 lbs.


Propel System: Over the road propel or Hi Rail propel is provided by the prime mover. Work propel is controlled by a special cab operated creep drive system with 5 mph max. speed.


Brakes: Front Hi Rail wheels are equipped with pneumatically operated brakes applied to the wheel tread. Rear braking is provided by the prime mover. Hi Rail braking application is controlled from a single foot pedal in the rear bed tree trimmer cab.


Hydraulic System: Transmission PTO driven hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic reservoir has in-tank filtration with a clean-out port and shutoff valve. The machine is equipped with an electric emergency hydraulic pump. Upperstructure tilt system and boom up/down system equipped with lock valves for added safety.


Electrical System: 12 volt dc negative ground with engine driven alternator and two 12 volt batteries. Equipped with safety electric strobe lights.


FRA Compliant Features: Travel lights, horn, backup alarm, brake lights, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.


Minimum Prime Mover Requirements: 370 hp, 24-inch front frame extensions to accommodate Hi Rail gear. 20-inch unobstructed frame beyond rear tangent point of rear most tire and forward edge of rear bumper. 269-inch wheelbase to centerline of rear tandem. 80-inch rear frame overhang and GVWR of 58,000.


Tree Trimmer Cab: Equipped with 1 1/4” tinted Lexgard® top, engine instruments, and ergonomic seat. Equipped with light touch hydraulic pilot pressure joystick for extend-lift-swing-tilt boom controls. Heavy duty swing bearing with worm gear drive for maximum tooth engagement. Access door is full length tinted Lexgard® with positive latch and steel reinforcing frame.


Boom: Telescoping composite construction with 75 ft. reach from ground. Telescoping boom driven with #50 chain. Each unit is electrically insulated and tested to ANSI A92.2-2001 Category C standards to 100 kv for maximum operator safety. Equipped with single 24 inch diameter carbide-tipped saw turning @ 2800 rpm.


Capacities: Fuel: 100 gal. Hydraulic: 30 gal.


Optional Equipment: Options available upon request.


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