Kershaw Ballast Regulator 4600

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Progress Rail’s Maintenance-of-Way (MOW) division was born out of the movement toward mechanization in the railroad industry and introduced the first Kershaw Ballast Regulator in 1945.

Today, Progress Rail supplies Kershaw MOW equipment, providing machines to all Class I railroads, transit and short lines and contractors around the world.

The new Kershaw 4600 Ballast Regulator has a one pass transfer plow, 36-inch wide reversible wings, and a broom attachment for ballast shaping, shoulder profiling, ballast sweeping and a variety of other track maintenance operations.


Technical Details


Frame: Welded construction using solid steel channel main frame members and structural steel cross members.


Weight: 45,000 lbs.


Engine: Cat® C7, 250 hp @ 2200 rpm.


Propel System:Two (2) speed powershift transmission driven by Sauer Danfoss variable displacement pump and motor. Propel system uses brake pressure defeat for dynamic braking to eliminate need for power down brake valve. Single control handle, controls speed and direction in each range. Speed switch to prevent downshifting when speed is too high. Maximum speed is 35 mph.


Transmission and Axles:Propel motor powers a 2-speed “shift on the go” transmission. Two spring-mounted industrial type axles equipped with no spin differential. Nine leaf spring suspension. Two piece drive shaft with 6C yokes. Drive shaft guards standard.


Wheels and Brakes: 28-inch cast steel wheels bolted to each axle, clasp cobra brakes (two shoes per wheel). Service brakes; air applied/spring released. Parking brakes; spring applied/air released.


Wings:Wing lift cylinders are A-frame mounted above wing for accessibility. A-frame is tiltable for access to transmission. Wing templates incorporate shear pin design to prevent damage. Optional articulating template.


Plow: One pass transfer plow standard with 1-inch thick T1 steel blades. NS style plow locks.


Broom: Model 27-12 fully-reversible belt-driven broom with NS-style locks. Round broom housing available for increased efficiency. Housing designed to allow broom reel to drop straight down for easy and safe removal. Deflectors have lifting eyes for safe and easy removal in the field.


Electrical System: 24-volt DC negative ground with 95 amp alternator. LED lights available as an option.


Air System: Bendix Tuflo air compressor, engine oil lubricated, cam shaft driven, watercooled, 15.2 cfm free air volume @ 1250 rpm. System pressure is 100-120 psi with 613-in 3 air tanks. Service brakes are controlled by a pressure reducing valve and the parking brakes by a manually-operated dump valve. System is also equipped with a dual tone air horn, safety relief valve.


Hydraulic System: Engine-powered double pump drive. Pressurecompensated Sauer Danfoss pump for cylinder functions. Gear pump for broom motor drive. Emmegi plate oil cooler and Eaton MDG control valve. Return filters built into the hydraulic tank. Electric emergency pump to operate selected circuits. Pressure filters optional.


Cab: Fully enclosed, insulated, safety glass, dome light, front windshield wiper and pivoting seat. Single operator with electrical joystick controls. Jump seat standard. Cab mounted with Lord iso mounts. Cab access from either side of machine. Rear entry with removable walkway for access to pump. Roof mounted self-contained air conditioner with ladder for access. Optional cab tilt.


Fluid Tanks: Fuel and hydraulic tanks mounted at front of frame for easy access. Fuel tank capacity is 120 gallons. Hydraulic tank capacity is 100 gallons.