Progress Rail Mechanical Fuel Injectors

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Progress Rail OEM fuel injectors are manufacture and remanufactured to precise internal specifications vs. non-OEM retrofits. Progress Rail OEM injectors ensure optimal fuel economy and emissions performance over their full useful life and avoid operating penalties and expense of non-compliance.


The EPA Solution for optimal performance

  • Standard & Tier "O" Applications
  • One Year Warranty
  • Fits All Applications
  • Low Smoke
  • Low NOx
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Advanced Technology to Meet EPA Emission Regulations



Gen 2 Injector Benefits, THE EPA SOLUTION™

  • Injectors for Tier 0+ EPA emission standards
  • Optimized for reduced smoke
  • Optimized for engine emissions performance
  • Engineered for industry best fuel economy
  • Engineered for reduced engine start-up time
  • Lower peak cylinder pressures
  • Reduces overall engine operating costs
  • OEM product support


Manufactured by Progress Rail whose Quality Management System is ISO 9001 and AAR M-1003 Registered.