Emissions Kits

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Product Overview


Progress Rail has provided emissions solutions for its engines for over 25 years and continues to lead the industry in emissions compliance. One of the EPA’s guiding principles for the 40 CFR Part 1033 rule was to achieve sizeable reductions in emissions as early as possible. EMD has met this challenge. Its skilled emissions research team has used extensive iterative testing to develop the most advanced emission solutions for locomotive applications using EMD 645 and 710 engines.


Emissions Solution Benefits


  • OEM engineered, designed, and tested upgrades, which provide particulate matter and NOx reductions.
  • Cuts lube oil consumption significantly.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced or maintained at previous levels.
  • Application of the kits per EMD Maintenance Instructions achieves full compliance with EPA regulations per 40 CFR Part 1033.

System Integration


Progress Rail’s complete OEM system knowledge allows for the most reliable and fuel efficient emission kits. Meeting emissions is not a piece-part activity but a finely-tuned balance between emissions compliance and fuel efficiency. Reverse engineered parts lack the proven reliability, systems integration, and support that only the OEM can provide.


Emissions Kit Contents


  • EMD emissions kits include the following components:
  • UL Power Assemblies
  • OEM Emission Specification Fuel Injectors
  • Aftercoolers and Plumbing (as needed)
  • Software Upgrade (as required)
  • Oil Separator and Fittings (as needed)
  • Engine Emission Label
  • Locomotive Emission Label
  • Installation Instructions
  • Kit Registration Card


EPA Compliance


EPA 40 CFR Part 1033 requires locomotive engines, including all EMD models originally manufactured in 1973 or later, to meet strict particulate matter and NOx standards when overhauled. Installing an EPA certified EMD emissions kit ensures full regulatory compliance with Part 1033 requirements.