Owner & Operator Training

Owner & Operator Training

We offer a full range of training and technical services to owners and operators of our products.  We can deliver training to support not only our current product offerings, but also those products delivered in the past.

For example, the SD70ACe Electrical Class deals with the current EM2000 controlled AC Locomotive control system, while the Early EMD Electrical Class deals with the control systems associated with older DC Main Generator equipped locomotives. In our Engine Classroom, we provide technical instruction as well as hands-on instruction in the removal and application of major components used in our Two-Stroke (567, 645, & 710) engines.

A series of classes devoted specifically to the needs of our Power, Marine and Industrial customers are also offered several times each year. We recognize you are in a competitive market and need to be able to maintain your products in reliable operating condition with a minimum downtime.

Training will allow you to:

  • Complete scheduled maintenance more efficiently in less time
  • More effectively troubleshoot problems when they occur by
    •  Knowing how to effectively use our technical documents
    • Having a better understanding of the product systems
  • Keep up-to-date with technical developments involving parts, procedures and tooling

In addition to the classes delivered in our Training Center located in La Grange, Ill., we take the training to your site. The classes are scheduled around your operations for the convenience of your employees. Because we designed the product, we have a better understanding of the complete integration of all systems. In addition to our general class offerings, we will customize programs to meet your specific objectives.


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