Patrick O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Australia & Southeast Asia

Patrick O'Donnell, Senior Vice President, Australia & Southeast Asia

Patrick O’Donnell is Senior Vice President of Australia and Southeast Asia for Progress Rail. He provides oversight and leadership responsibility for our rail business in the region, while working closely with his Rolling Stock and Infrastructure peers.

Patrick joined Aurizon in 2009, having previously worked at Asciano, the then owner of Pacific National. While there, Patrick led large workforces of up to 2,800 employees through various roles, delivering large-scale capital projects, and ensuring the safety, reliability and performance of Aurizon’s rolling stock fleet. He previously oversaw maintenance, heavy workshops, rolling stock engineering and reliability, infrastructure engineering and project delivery during his time at Aurizon.

Patrick was at the forefront of delivering critical change that created key advantages for Aurizon. Most notably, Patrick led one of the most significant reformations at Aurizon, transforming how the company procured, serviced and maintained their rolling stock fleet, enabling the company to win market share and drive earnings growth.