Marty Haycraft, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Marty Haycraft, is Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Locomotive and Railcar Services for Progress Rail and North America Sales for Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD). Marty's primary responsibilities include managing the company's sales and marketing of freight car and locomotive services, operational responsibilities for Wheel/Axle/Combo/Traction (WACT), operational responsibilities for Recycling, and Customer Performance worldwide for EMD.

In June 1993, Marty joined Progress Rail in Albertville, Ala., when Corbin Railway Services purchased Steel Processing Services. He was named Assistant Vice President of Materials Management for Progress Rail's freight car wheel shops, freight car parts and car dismantling operations. In November 1998, Marty became Vice President of Operations for Progress Rail's wheel and axle shops, parts reclamation, mobile crews and outside yards. Marty was named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Progress Rail's Locomotive and Railcar Services business unit in March 2002, and in January 2009, was promoted to Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer for Locomotive and Railcar Services. In January 2011, he was promoted to his current position.

Marty attended the University of Louisville in Kentucky, where he studied accounting and played baseball. Over the years, Marty has held several management positions related to operations, materials management and marketing. He began his professional career in August 1990 with Wheel Corporation of America, where he worked as a production employee and gained experience on freight car wheel set production and freight car wheel set materials. He was consequently promoted to Materials and Quality Manager in 1991.