Progress Rail Services started out as a recycling company in the early 1980s, and although we have expanded our line of product and service offerings, recycling is still the heartbeat of our company.

We provide:

Our experienced brokerage staff works hard to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your recycled materials. Through our demolition services, we can safely remove any unused or outdated structures from your property, increasing the value of your property while also earning you money for the recycled materials.

What sets us apart from other companies is our integration. When locomotives and railcars are retired, we refurbish the reusable parts, incorporating them into our extensive inventory, and we recycle what remains. When track is replaced, we refurbish the sections that are still usable, and we can also use some sections to construct new panels and turnouts, recycling the material that is no longer viable. Our ability to safely recycle material while also extending the life of any viable components allows us to offer a full range of products and services to our customers, making us their no. 1 choice for all of their rail and recycling needs.