Trackwork & Fasteners

We are a leading manufacture of new special trackwork in North America. We have five production facilities located in DeCoursey, KY, Sherman, TX, Alorton, IL, Danvers, IL, and Albertville, AL. Our manufacturing plants are state of the art, with CNC machining centers that produce the highest quality specialty trackwork products available in the industry. We design and manufacture trackwork components for the railroad, transit and industrial markets. Whether a complete turnout panel or a replacement part, we can provide your trackwork needs. Progress Rail is both ISO 9001-2000 registered and AAR M1003 certified.


Clamptite Adjustable Brace

Certain railroad track assemblies, switches and stock rails must be braced so as to prevent rotational movement as rail cars pass through.

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Flash Butt Welded Frog

We have the ability to flash butt weld rail to manganese steel castings, which has many benefits.

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Lift Frog

Our lift frog is one of the most innovative turnout frogs designed in the last 100 years. The frog is designed to be used in low volume sidings.

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Moveable Point Frog

Movable point frog design is designed using standard tee rail sections. These frogs are used in heavy tonnage track, high speed rail or where reduction in noise and vibration is important.

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Owls Crossing

The railroad at grade crossing diamond requires some of the highest maintenance and is often an area where train speeds are reduced due to the dynamics generated when trains cross them.

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Partial Flange Bearing Frog

Class I railroads are looking at flange bearing technology to be in the future for special trackwork applications. Progress Rail was asked to develop a partial flange bearing No. 9 solid manganese self guarded (SMSG) frog similar in concept to what is being done on OWLS crossings.

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Taper Heel Frog

The taper heel frog is becoming the most popular arrangement on Railbound Manganese Frogs (RBMs) for several reasons.

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