Rail and Other Track Material

We are an authorized rail distributor for ArcelorMittal (Steelton, PA) and Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel (Pueblo, CO). We carry an extensive inventory at both steel mill locations and can supply customized piece lengths and drilling for your specific requirements. In addition, we stock all types of rail steel grades including AREMA standard and head hardened. For an economical alternative, we offer Industrial grade rail, which is perfect for shortline railroads and industrial applications.

If you need continuous welded rail, our rail welding team operates, at each rail mill, a full line welding facility that can weld lengths to specific needs. Don't have a CWR train? We operate and maintain a fleet of CWR trains that can transport your welded rail where you need it.

Our extensive inventory of Other Track Material is located strategically throughout the United States and Canada, allowing us to deliver it quickly with minimal freight costs.

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Other Track Material

- Tie Plates
- Guage Rods
- Joint Bars
- Lockwashers
- Rail Anchors
- Bumping Posts
- Track Spikes
- Derailers
- Rerailers
- Wheel Stops
- Track Tools
- Tie Plugs
- Blue Flags


- Pueblo, CO
- Albertville, AL
- Steelton, PA
- Alorton, IL