Wheels, Axles, Combo, Traction Motors (WACT)

The Locomotive and Transit Division of Progress Rail Services is firmly established with passenger rail and urban transit systems throughout the United States. We specialize in wheels, axles and traction motors for rail transit vehicles and locomotives.

Our locations are convenient to most areas of the United States and Canada, providing passenger wheel sets, locomotive wheel sets and rebuilt trucks for passenger cars and locomotives. We also have fully equipped locomotive repair shops, and mobile crews available.

We have a strong reputation with North American rail networks, providing a wide variety of new and reconditioned parts for railcars, as well as maintaining or having access to extensive supplies of new and relay rail, various track materials, turnouts and crossings. Other services include rail welding, grade crossing safety devices and maintenance-of-way equipment.

Progress Rail Services leads the industry in the supply of traction motors and combos for the North American locomotive market. Supplying virtually every type of locomotive traction motor and combo used in North America today through our strategically located shops, we are able to respond to the needs of our customers. Class Is, short lines, transit, locomotive builders and leasing companies - we serve them all from a location near you. Find out why we have been the go-to company and premier supplier to the locomotive market for many years. Call or e-mail us today for unbeatable quality and reliable service.