Used and Reconditioned Components

Progress Rail Services is a global supplier of reconditioned and core locomotive components (see list below). While we have earned our reputation as an industry leader in the area of reconditioned locomotive components, with our acquisition of Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), we continue to grow our used and reconditioned locomotive component offerings. Our integrated network of locomotive component reconditioning services, coupled with the new parts we offer, allow companies to reduce their annual maintenance costs associated with locomotives. We operate multiple reconditioning facilities and new product warehouses throughout North America.


Examples of Reconditioned and Used Locomotive Components

Accessory Racks

Air Brake

Air Compressor

Air Dryer


Angle Cock

Aux Gens


Control Stands

Cooling System



Draft Gear

Emergency Valve


Equipment Rack

Event Recorder

Fuel Monitoring System

Journal Boxes

Main Generators

Pneumatic Horn


Power Assemblies


Sanitation Systems

Speed Indicator

Traction Motors


Vent Valve

Wheel Set

and many more...