We offer a comprehensive array of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and services for rail, marine and power generation applications worldwide. Your local representative can tailor a cost-effective parts package that improves the reliability and profitability of your operations, while reducing unnecessary inventory and maintenance costs.

North America


Locomotive Freight - South West U.S.

Ryan Perkins & Barry Bigelow

Locomotive Freight - North Central U.S.

Matt Sojka & Dwight Porter

Locomotive Freight - Western U.S.

Houston Bradberry

Locomotive Freight - North East U.S.

Aaron Vath & David Harriger

Locomotive Freight - South Eastern U.S.

Gavin Bowie & Shane Picklesimer

Locomotive Freight - Central U.S.

Matt Rowland

Locomotive Freight – Midwestern U.S.

Bob Peters & David Harriger

Locomotive Freight - Western Canada

Rob Robinson

Locomotive Freight - Eastern Canada

JJ Dratva

Locomotive Transit - Western North America

Eric Smith

Locomotive Transit  - Eastern North America

Craig McKeen

Short Line Accounts

Jeff Tyree



South America

Araceli Martinez


Henrique Miguel


Patricia Rios

Middle East

Mustapha Ouchen


Scott Garman

Asia Pacific

Martin Christiansen



Locomotive Leasing

Al Crecelius

Used Parts Opportunities

Jose Justice

Power Generation and Marine

Doug Byrd

EMD Customer Service

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