MOW Financing/Leasing/Rental

We are the largest lessor of Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment in North America. As a full-service leasing firm, we offer a host of programs and services specifically tailored to meet your financial needs.

With more than 50 years of specialized experience in the railroad industry and more than $150 million in equipment leases, our equipment leasing professionals will develop customized, knowledge-based solutions to fit your current and future needs. No off-the-shelf solutions, no standardized approaches - tell us the equipment you want, and let us do the rest. Our experts evaluate your requirements and deliver a program that works for you.

In a dynamic business environment, leasing gives you more flexibility; it helps you keep up with equipment technological advancements, and may even offer significant tax advantages.

Financial Advantages:

  • 100 percent financing
  • Lower payments than other types of financing
  • Allows for more flexible cash budgeting
  • Off balance sheet financing conserves existing credit
  • Monthly payments are fixed and thus protected from inflation
  • Provides positive cash flow with sale/lease-back programs

By working with Progress Rail, your options open for obtaining new technology, ensuring you are at the top of the curve for efficient, effective and economical equipment - advanced equipment that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Whatever the size of your company, we offer custom financing programs that allow you to select the railroad equipment you want -- from tampers to spikers to tie cranes and more -- without compromising your financial stability.

From activity based leasing, where you make payments only when you use the equipment, to complete equipment gangs, we will engineer a solution that fits your needs. We will help maximize your financial flexibility to maintain positive cash flow, fix payments to protect against inflation, and free up capital to take advantage of opportunities down the road.

You should not have to compromise quality for price. We deliver both -- with a guarantee you will get the best price for the best-quality MOW equipment.

No hidden fees -- documentation fees, early terminations fees, end-of-lease fees -- whatever the name, we will not add these fees to your lease.

Equipment Financing/Leasing/Rental Brochure