We heard very clearly from our railroad customers that reliability and efficiency drive total cost of ownership. With that, we developed the SD70ACe-T4 locomotive to reduce NOx by an additional 80 percent and particulates by 70 percent, while delivering world-class fuel efficiency and the leading reliability, maintainability and safety the railroads expect from EMD locomotives.

Our new Tier 4 locomotive meets the stringent emissions regulations without the use of urea after-treatment, resulting in substantial savings for the railroads.

In fact, our Tier 4 locomotive is the result of the combined expertise and resources of the Electro-Motive, Progress Rail and Caterpillar engineering teams and state-of-the-art design and validation tools and facilities, all driven by the mission to achieve life cycle cost optimization for the railroads.

Value-Added Locomotive Features:

- EMD 12-Cylinder 1010 Engine

- Enhanced AC Traction Motors

- Individual Axle Control

- Locomotive Cab Designed for Safety and Ergonomics


Other Key Features:

- Inverter Driven Accessories

- Motor Driven Air Compressor

- Automatic Winterization Shutters

- High Capacity Oil Filtration

Technical Details:

Traction Horsepower 4400 THP
Continuous Tractive Effort 175,000 lbs.
Starting Tractive Effort 200,000 lbs.
Dynamic Braking Effort 105,000 lbs.
Maximum Speed 75 mph
Approximate Weight 428,000 lbs
Length 76 ft. 8 in.
Height 15 ft. 11 in
Fuel Capacity (useable) 4,800 gal.
Sand Capacity 55 cu. ft