EMD SD70ACe Freight Locomotive

Tier 3 SD70ACe Locomotive:

  • Features the highly reliable and fuel efficient 16-710 engine with approximately 10,000 operating worldwide
  • Sets standards with a 184-day maintenance interval and easy access to components
  • Provides advanced diagnostics and predictive health capabilities
  • Offers optional high adhesion package
  • Includes provision for Positive Train Control equipment


EM2000 Microprocessor Control System:

  • Excitation and load control
  • Adhesion control
  • Engine control
  • Diagnostic system
  • Archived unit history data

Technical Details:

Locomotive Type

Standard Gauge 6-Axle Diesel Electric / AC Traction


16' 1"

Overall Length

74' 3"


4,300 THP

Maximum Speed

70 MPH

Continuous Tractive Effort

155,000 lbs

Starting Tractive Effort

189,000 lbs

Dynamic Braking Effort

105,000 lbs

Fuel Capacity (useable)

4,900 gallons



Maintenance Interval

184 days

Nominal Weight

420,000 lbs