EMD GT38AC Freight Locomotive

GT38AC Benefits:

  • Familiar components enhance serviceability at existing maintenance points
  • EMD 710 series diesel engine
  • Engine shaft driven air compressor
  • AC motors for auxiliaries including fuel pump and turbocharger soakback pump
  • Light weight fabricated bogies
  • 6-year engine overhaul period (based on medium duty cycle)


EM2000 Microprocessor Control System:

  • Excitation and load control
  • Adhesion control
  • Engine control
  • Diagnostic system
  • Archived unit history data

Technical Details:

Locomotive Type

Narrow Gauge 6-axle Diesel Electric / AC Traction


3.77* Meters

Overall Length

18.94 Meters


2200 BHP / 1491 Kw

Maximum Speed

120 Km/h

Continuous Tractive Effort

415 kN

Starting Tractive Effort

578 kN

Dynamic Braking Effort

226 kN


35% Continuous

Fuel Capacity

3,800 Liters (approximately)

Cooling Water Capacity

908 Liters



Maintenance Interval

92 days

Nominal Weight

106.4 Tonnes