Progress Rail Fuel Injectors

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EMD® Electronic Unit Injector 



• Standard & Tier "O" Applications

• One Year Warranty

• Fits All Applications

• Low Smoke

• Low NOx

• Low Fuel Consumption

• Precision Manufacturing

• Advanced Technology to

• Meet EPA Emission Regulations


Gen 2 Injector Benefits

• Reduce/ Eliminate White Smoke

• Equal or BeTer Fuel ConsumpVon

• Reduce LocomoVve Startup Time

• Reduce Maintenance Time

• Seamless Engine System IntegraVon

• OEM Product Support



Re-manufactured Electronic Unit

Injectors (EUI) for EMD® 710 Diesel Engines with Advanced Technology for PerfectFire™ Performance 


PerfectFire™ Electronic Unit Injectors contain Progress Rail's Advanced Technology and are engineered to exceed the EPA Tier O requirements of 40 CFR Parts 85, 89, 92. 

Produced to original engineering drawings and specifications for superior quality and environmental performance. 


Manufactured by Progress Rail whose Quality Management System is ISO 9001 :2000 and AAR M-1003 Registered.