S•O•S℠  Services is a proprietary process designed to turn fluids analysis data into valuable information. This information is used to manage engines and reduce operating costs. The extended Caterpillar enterprise is the largest in-service lubricant analysis program in the world, processing over 6,000,000 oil and coolant samples on an annual basis worldwide.


These days, we are bombarded with advertisements for products and services that we may or may not need. S•O•S℠ Services, along with your S•O•S℠ Analyst and your sales representative, offers several important benefits.


S•O•S℠ Services helps you to avoid complete failures. Often an adjustment or replacement of a single part, based on S•O•S℠ Services findings, can prevent a small problem from growing into a major repair.


S•O•S℠ Services tracks what is going on inside the equipment. It enables you to predict wear-related problems, allowing greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime control. S•O•S℠ Services tracks the wear of components, oil performance and condition.


S•O•S℠ Services shortens repair time. Using the S•O•S℠ Services Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a serviceman to go directly to the core of the problem. Since you, your S•O•S℠ analyst, and your parts and service representative are working as a team to manage your equipment maintenance, you can be assured parts and shop time are readily available.


S•O•S℠ Services enables you to optimize oil change intervals.


S•O•S℠ Services manages component life and equipment availability, thus reducing owning and operating costs. Downtime is decreased, and productivity and profitability are increased.


Our S•O•S℠ Services oil analysis program runs a complete slate of tests using highly sensitive, calibrated equipment and ISO certified procedures to monitor metals, viscosity, oil condition and contamination from fuel, water and glycol. With these results, interpreters can determine the component wear rate, oil condition, oil contamination and oil identification. When samples are examined at consistent intervals, potential problems can be detected early.


Our S•O•S℠ Services coolant analysis is designed to measure glycol content, water quality, additive identification, corrosive metals and physical properties. This information allows the interpreter to determine the type of coolant, component corrosion rate, coolant condition, coolant contamination and freeze/boil protection. Coolant analysis is important, because 50 percent of engine failures can be traced back to a poorly maintained cooling system.

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