Repair in Place & Ramp

We began inspecting and repairing intermodal cars at ramp operations in 1999. We are now a leader in the business with over 20 locations including operations on all four US Class 1 railroads. We inspect over two million units each year, and all repairs are done on the ramp with minimal bad order set outs to ensure maximum velocity and car utilization.

Additionally, we provide mechanical solutions for short-line railroads by operating Repair in Place (RIP) tracks. This service ensures the railroad is in compliance with AAR/FRA requirements and lowers the cost of doing this for the railroad. Last year, we inspected nearly 500,000 cars at multiple locations across the country.

Capitalizing on our vertically integrated operations including component reconditioning and wheel-set services, our full service solution helps the railroad maximize their operating ratio. In addition to service mechanics, we maintain the necessary inventory, billing, material handling and training. If you want to lower your operating ratio, give us a call.

One the Class 1 railroad executive said, "Some services are better suited for outsourcing than others. Car inspection and repair is at the top of that list. Progress Rail's motivation to find and fix all AAR/FRA defects is in direct harmony with our objective to eliminate mechanical set outs and improve the velocity and fluidity of our railroad."