Intellitrain uses remote monitoring and diagnostics to give railroads live data concerning the status of their locomotives.

  • Via remote monitoring, a locomotive automatically initiates a remote alert given an abnormal condition and sends the locomotive number, its condition and the fault(s) that triggered the condition.
  • The central server receives and stores the information.
  • The central server automatically sends an alert notification to a predefined list of people in a predefined order, regardless of location or the locomotive management center. Once the alert is accepted, the person may view a brief summary of the locomotive condition included in the notification. Notifications can be sent by pager, mobile telephone, e-mail or an online screen alert.
  • Locomotive management center personnel performs remote diagnosis of the locomotive by going online and accessing additional locomotive information (ex. five active faults and fault archive) and using EMD TechPro. A work order notification is then sent to the appropriate party.
  • Maintenance personnel initiates proactive repair by determining best repair options (i.e. service track, shop, etc.) and plans resources accordingly.