Management - Intellitrain

Imagine what happens when we combine the railroads' expertise in rail transportation and our expertise in locomotive design, system integration and troubleshooting with the power of the internet and wireless communications.

  • Every locomotive will be connected to the internet and be a node on this vast network of computers.
  • The health of every locomotive is automatically monitored 24/7, and experts are alerted when problems occur.
  • Every locomotive is equipped with our service engineering to monitor its performance to prevent road failures, help mechanical quickly diagnose and repair locomotives, and provide transportation with critical data to improve asset utilization and customer satisfaction.

Through our Intellitrain service, our locomotive management focuses on improving two factors to ensure success of the railroad:  locomotive availability and asset utilization. 

  • Locomotive Availability - The percentage of time a locomotive or group of locomotives is available to be utilized.        
  • Asset Utilization – The percentage of time an asset, such as a locomotive or a group of locomotives, is actually utilized.

How does this create railroad business success?

Improved locomotive availability using remote monitoring, diagnostics and on-line knowledge:

  • Prevent road failures from occurring
  • Diagnose failures quickly, accurately
  • Diagnose problems that can be seen only during train operation
  • Eliminate "No Defect Found"
  • Identify required parts and services quickly and accurately
  • Reduce dead-in-consist time, parts waiting time and actual repair time
  • Remotely download event recorders, and upload software revisions 

Improved asset utilization using remote monitoring, diagnostics and asset management tools:

  • Know exact locomotive location
  • Know fuel level and fuel consumed
  • Remotely shut down and restart individual locomotives in train
  • Know detailed state of health of all units - lead, trail and distributed
  • Know health of third party systems - HVAC, air brakes, cab signals, etc.
  • Know how locomotive performs (TE, BE, HP) under actual conditions
  • Verify dynamic brake readiness
  • Track actual utilization by unit, fleet, region - including kilowatt-hours

By maximizing locomotive availability and asset utilization, the railroad ensures they are operating at the highest levels of productivity and getting the greatest return on their investment.