We currently maintain over 1,600 locomotives in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We have a proven track record of improving and maintaining locomotive performance while providing competitive and predictable maintenance costs. Some of the benefits resulting from our maintenance services include:

Predictable Costs

One of the primary benefits a railroad receives by taking advantage of our maintenance services is that of predictable costs. We assume the financial risk associated with all aspects of locomotive maintenance and provide the railroad with knowledge that there will be no unplanned costs for materials, establishment of core pools, shop supplies and other indirect costs depending on final configuration.

Guaranteed Performance Levels

Our maintenance services focus on the improvement of two very important performance measures:  locomotive availability and reliability. These two measurements are a major part of the building blocks of locomotive utilization. Our maintenance services organizations quickly become an integral part of the total railroad operation, with our success being measured in part by the success of our customers.

Standard Processes

Our maintenance services continually develop and improve maintenance practices. Standard procedures applied to the management of locomotives worldwide allow us to track trends in performance and develop best practices worldwide--what we learn in one operation often benefits many others. Our commitment to standard operational processes has allowed us to completely turn around the performance of previously underperforming locomotive fleets. The discipline to apply best practices from basic record keeping to application of sophisticated condition based maintenance technologies are at the heart of the maintenance services business.