Our locomotive maintenance services offered insure superior performance of your locomotives. Our customized offerings are designed to address customer priorities in high value, low cost solutions.

We can provide varying levels of maintenance services to ensure the ongoing safety, cost effectiveness and performance throughout the life of the locomotive. These services range from a simple technical support and materials agreement to a full service offering that includes guaranteed locomotive performance as well as shop and labor management. The final form the services depends on customer needs, and we will customize our solutions to satisfy those needs.


Maintenance Management

Scheduled maintenance

Unscheduled maintenance

Modifications and upgrades

Wheel replacement

Locomotive and component overhauls

Wheel truing

Daily inspections

Repairs due to vandalism and wrecks


Materials Support Management

Material procurement

Material warehousing and distribution

Rebuild core supply, management and returns

Non-locomotive materials management


Labor Management

Daily shop supervision

Comply with existing agreements

Completely assume responsibility for workplace


Technical Support

Develop flexible maintenance to meet operation

Drive engineering support

Pre maintenance inspection

Post maintenance inspection

Historical tracking of locomotive performance



Shop layout and tooling

Facility maintenance

*existing facilities will require an environmental evaluation


Workforce Training and Certification

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